GORIFEI Laser Engraving Machine 98 x 88mm Engraving Area


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Product Dimensions: 7.21 x 7.2 x 6.7 inches

Item Weight: 0.90 kg/1.98 pounds

Engraving depth: 2mm

Laser head life: 10,000 hours

Engraving range: 98*88mm

Engraving mode: bitmap engraving, bitmap grayscale engraving, contour cutting, black and white image, grayscale image, reverse side, seal

Image formats: JPG, BMP (24 bit), TIFF, PNG (below 32 bit), PCX (8 bit and 24 bit), PCD

Packing List:

Engraving machine x 1

Eye protection transparent bracket x 2

12V2A DC power supply x 1

Type-C data cable x 1

Rectangular black PVC sheet (used to assist in adjusting the focus),

English installation manual x 1

Free Gift Package:

Goggles x 1

Jam x 20

Felt cloth x 2

Adhesive flocking cloth x 2

Small square x 4

Plank x 5

Metal base x 1


● This product has a built-in G-Sensor sensor. When the product is working, any movement such as shaking, falling, collision, tilting, rising, or falling will stop working immediately.

● This equipment uses a high-power laser as the source of heat emission. Do not look directly at the laser head with your eyes. Although there is a G-Sensor device, the weak blue light will damage your eyes when you look directly at it.

● When the engraving machine is working, please observe the engraving spot through the translucent bracket.

● Please wear protective goggles.

● It is forbidden for children under 12 to operate. If you need to operate, please operate with an adult.

● Please use this product in an attended place.

shipped in 24 hours

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