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A tyrannosaurus wreaking havoc in your garden? King of the dinosaurs, he imposes his law on the animal kingdom and that of the garden gnomes. No one will escape him!

Did he break free from a dinosaur park, just like in the famous movie? Garden gnomes beware, here is a colorful statuette that will lastingly mark your decorations.

Terrifying and majestic, this animal from the dawn of time will rule your lawn and add some bite. A good dose of derision and why not, a way to display what's on your mind in your front yard,? in full view of your neighborhood.

Ruthless and cruel, let this dinosaur take care of your recalcitrant gnomes.

Funny garden gnomes can be quite the pranksters, and you may find your garden turned upside down because of them. Install this tyrannosaurus as a warning... if you want peace, prepare for war.

While it is a funny statuette, it doesn't mean that its making was taken lightly. It is indeed a dinosaur whose anatomy has been impeccably reproduced. Hand-painted and coated with a protective coating, it will keep its status of Terror of the Garden for many years.

  • Size: 5.9 inches tall
  • Material: High-quality resin
  • Hand painted with care
  • Weatherproof

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