New Age Funny Garden Gnome


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The Gnome Guru is here, and he has recruited his first adept: a frog!?

Take a break and a deep breath with this New Age friend. With his tongue out and his hands in a heart position, he certainly has some magic going on.

This garden gnome has long ago cast himself out of the society of his fellow companions in a quest for spiritual growth: now he is back to share his discoveries to whoever wants to follow him.

Get a little bit of Zen energy for your backyard.

His shiny white hat and robe will be a beacon of light in this dark world.? Give him his own private sanctuary, you will be rewarded in this life or another!? Standing about 8'' tall, he will be easy incorporate in your outdoor decor.

  • Size: Approx. 4,5''X4''X 8''
  • Material: High-quality resin
  • Hand paintedwith care
  • Weatherproof

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