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GM816A Digital LCD Handheld Air Wind Speed Meter Anemometer Thermometer Tester Measure Velocity


Used to measure the air velocity and temperature.
Two temperature units available: Centigrade and Fahrenheit.
Five air velocity units available: m/s, km/h, ft/min, Knots, mph.
Quick response with external thermistor.
With maximum, average and current air velocity measurement.
With Beaufort scale shown on the screen.
Wind chill and low battery indication.
LCD display with backlight.
Automatic and manual power-off.
Air Velocity: 
Range: 0 – 30m/s, 0 – 90km/hr, 0 – 5860ft/min, 0 – 65mph(±5%), 0 – 55Knots 
Resolution: 0.2°C, 0.2m/s  
Accuracy: ±5% 
Auto power off 14 minutes without any operation
Air Temperature: 
Range: -10 – 45°C, 14 – 113°F 
Resolution: 0.2°C, 0.36°F 
Accuracy: ±2°C, ±3.6°F 
Thermometer: NTC Thermometer 
Operating Temperature: -10~+45°C (14~113°F) 
Power Supply: one 9V 6F22 battery (Not  included)
Operating Humidity: less than or equal to 90%RH 
Storage Temperature: -40~60°C, -40~140°F 
Current Consumption: About 3mA 
Item Size: 52.5×35.5×160 mm 
Weight: 187g 
Package included: 
1 x GM816A Digital LCD Air Wind Speed Meter
1 x User Manual (English)

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