• How long does it take to assemble the Ortur Laser Master 2 Laser Engraver?

    It takes about 20 minutes to assemble.
  • Which engraving software does the Ortur Laser Master 15W support? How to download?

    It supports LaserGRBL. The download link is https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1yu3hpw6e5rxs2/Manual.zip?dl=0 Also supports LightBurn. The download link is https://lightburnsoftware.com/pages/trial-version-try-before-you-buy
  • What materials could the Ortur Laser Master 2 engrave?

    With LU7W laser module, it could engrave kraft papers, Wood, plastic (opaque), cloth, leather, sprayed metal, Anodised Aluminium, etc. With LU15W and LU20W laser module, it could engrave stainless steel, could cut Kraft paper, leather, 3MM ply wood, etc.
  • Can the Ortur Laser Master 2 engrave on metal and stainless steel?

    With LU7W laser module, it could engrave the sprayed metal, Anodised Aluminium, powder coated steel, but can not engrave the stainless steel directly. With LU15W and LU20W laser module, it could engrave stainless steel, but it need to use marker pen to paint black the surface of stainless steel to avoid the reflection of laser.
  • What is the maximum cutting thickness of wood plate of the Ortur Laser Master 2?

    With LU7W laser module, it could cut the thin kraft papers. With LU15W and LU20W laser module, it could cut 3MM plywood (cut 2-3rounds).
  • What is the engraving size of Ortur Laser Master 2?

    It is 400mm*430mm.
  • How many hours can the Ortur Laser Master 2 work continuously?

    24 hours (in an environment with good ventilation and heat dissipation)
  • What OS are available for Ortur Laser Master 2?

    Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10 OS Mac OS (Works with LightBurn control software) Linux OS (Works with LightBurn control software)
  • What types of files can Ortur Laser Master 2 read?

    NC, DXF, BMP, JPG, PNG, and other static images
  • Can the LU7W laser module be replaced by the LU15W or LU20W module?

  • How soon can you ship the order?

    The order will be shipped as soon as possible after the order is placed, the specific delivery time is subject to the front page display
  • Can it engrave on a cylindrical surface?

    It need to use the Specialized Roller Pedestal (with motor) to instead of Y axis to roll the cylindrical object
  • Why do I have to wear goggles?

    Viewing laser engraving without goggles can cause eye discomfort. In addition, in the event of an accident, the laser light will enter the pupil, causing irreparable blinding damage.
  • Why must laser engraving machine have Active Position Protection function?

    If the machine detects unauthorized movement, the laser beam will stop, to avoid the unexpected damage.
  • Why must laser engraving machine have Laser Beam Safety Guard function?

    If your computer system halted or USB cable disconnected, led to that the laser engraver stop moving, the laser beam will stop, to prevent fire.
  • Why must laser engraving machine have Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation function?

    If laser engraver under control, but user forget to operate and keep the laser beam working, extra safety will cut off in case motor stopped moving, to prevent fire.
  • Why are the engraving/cutting result of some materials bad?

    Different materials have different engraving / cutting effects depending on the ignition point, light reflectance and light transmittance. All highly reflective and translucent materials must not be engraved or cut directly. And, even with the same material, the darker the color and the higher the absorbance, the better the engraving / cutting effect
  • Can metals such as copper, iron, and aluminum be engraved?

    Uncoated copper, iron, and aluminum cannot be engraved directly, especially copper metal, which has a high reflectivity. If engraved directly, the laser light may even be reflected back to the lens, causing the damage of laser module. In some videos show that copper is engraved. In fact, it engraved on the material which with electroplating copper effect, or the coating layer of the copper. And stainless steel could only be engraved when the surface is painted black by marker pen, so as to avoid the reflection of laser.
  • What could be the cause of motor stuck, XY axis not running smoothly, and limit switch not working ?

    They may caused by wire loosen. Please check the wires' connection of motor and limit switch.
  • What could be the cause of computer cannot identify when USB cable is insert to computer?

    It caused by no corresponding driver intalled. Windows XP/7 and Windows 8/10, as well as 64-bit and 86-bit systems, need to install different drivers.
  • What is the function of the LED indicator on the machine?

    The red light is the power indicator, when bright means machine starting, not bright means machine turning off, the fast flash means the power key is pressed, and the slow flash means the machine is in alarm state and needs to be unlocked. The blue light is the USB status indicator light, when bright, the USB cable is connected to the computer and recognized, while the off signal indicates that the USB cable is not connected or the computer is not equipped with the driver, and the flashing signal indicates that the engraved data is being transmitted.
  • Why do some materials need to be coated or painted black for engraving?

    For some transparent and highly reflective materials, the laser is hard to be absorbed, so, let the surface be coated or painted black, could ensure the laser to be absorbed by the target object and get a good engraving effect.
  • What impact does laser engraver have on people's daily life, and what convenience does it bring?

    Laser engraver refers to the operation method of connecting laser equipment to laser engraving software, and inputting artwork into automatic engraving. It is suitable for various industries, such as:
    1) Advertising industry: carving some logos, three-dimensional billboards, two-color board signs, employee badges, etc.;
    2) Clothing/leather industry: custom wallets or handbags logos and engraved textiles can be customized;
    3) Craft designer: can carve exquisite patterns on wood, bamboo, organic boards, etc.;
    4) Furniture industry: used for design and production of relief patterns, such as screens, craft wooden doors/windows, etc.;
    5) Jewelry decoration industry: fine jewelry carving, decorative product carving, etc.;
    6) Packaging industry: engraving and printing rubber plates, plastic plates, carton packaging rubber font production, etc.
  • What is a laser engraver? Why do you need a laser engraver?

    Laser engraver: It is an advanced equipment that uses laser to engrave materials that need to be engraved. In the period of rapid development of the modern CNC engraving machine industry, the use of laser engraving machines is becoming more and more widespread, mainly with the following advantages:
    1) Laser engraving does not need to contact the workpiece to be engraved, saves many tools, and the operating cost is very low;
    2) The high-precision characteristics of laser engraving are especially suitable for the processing of complex graphics;
    3) The laser beam under computer control can move at a high speed, the engraving process can be completed in a few seconds, and the processing efficiency is high;
    4) Due to the combination of laser technology and computer technology, users only need to carry out high-speed engraving and cutting according to the pattern output by the computer, and can change the printing design at any time, which fundamentally replaces the traditional mold making process and is more convenient.
  • What are the characteristics of laser engraver?

    1) Engraving size: The engraving size determines the size of the engraved product, so you must fully analyze your business needs to choose;
    2) Laser power: The laser power determines the effect of the engraving product, and different engraving materials are applicable to different powers, so you should choose the corresponding laser power engraving machine according to your engraving material;
    3) Software: Different laser engraving machines use different software. Some engraving machine factories have their own systems. Users need to download the software to use the engraving machine, which has poor compatibility; some laser engraving machines use the most popular ones in the world. The welcome free and open source engraving software LaserGRBL has strong compatibility but cannot be applied to Apple systems, while LightBurn (paid software) is applicable to all systems. Basically, there is no need to set machine parameters, and the experience is stronger.
  • What important information should be considered when purchasing a laser engraver?

    1) Laser power: The laser power largely determines the effect of the finished product, but it is not that the larger the laser power, the better effect. On the contrary, if some materials use a laser tube with a higher power, the effect will be bad, so depending on the material and content of the engraving, the appropriate laser power should be selected. For example, acrylic engraving and PVC engraving do not require much power, but wood and stone engraving and cutting of any material require a higher power laser module. Only get twice the result with half the effort;
    2) Engraving material: Because of the influence of laser power, different laser power, the engraving material is different, so you should choose the appropriate engraving machine according to your own engraving material. If you only use general materials for engraving machines, such as cardboard and acrylic, you only need to choose low-power ones. If you want to engrave stone, wood and other materials, it is recommended to choose high-power ones;
    3) Engraving speed and precision: The biggest difference between laser engraving machine and traditional engraving and manual engraving is that laser engraving machines with high precision and high engraving accuracy are more popular, so you must pay attention to the engraving of laser engraving machines when choosing Accuracy is a parameter. The higher the accuracy of engraving, the better the effect, and the more satisfied consumers and customers are. As a businessman, producing more products in the same time can bring more profits, so the engraving speed The speed is the key to making money;
    4) Safety protection: Laser has high power density and energy, and its brightness is dozens of times higher than sunlight and arc light. When the laser irradiates the eyes or skin, if the maximum allowable exposure of the human body is exceeded, it will cause tissue damage;
    ① Damage to eyes:
    If the eyes are directly irradiated by the laser, it will cause damage to the retina, cause vision loss, and in severe cases can instantly blind people.
    ② Damage to the skin:
    If the skin is directly irradiated by the laser, especially the focused beam, it will burn the skin, and this kind of burn will be difficult to heal. The laser power density is very high, the damage is greater, and it can cause severe burns. Long-term diffuse reflection of ultraviolet light and infrared light will cause serious consequences such as aging of human skin, inflammation and even skin cancer;
    ③ Hidden danger of electric shock:
    Laser processing equipment also has thousands to tens of thousands of volts of high-voltage electricity and large-capacitor energy storage equipment. If it is improperly operated or malfunctions, it may cause fatal electric shocks to the human body;
    ④ Harmful gas:
    When laser welding, cutting or cladding certain materials, these materials are heated by the laser to evaporate, vaporize, and produce various toxic metal fumes, and ozone generated by the plasma formed in the vicinity of the cutting surface during high-power laser heating. There is certain damage to the human body;
    Therefore, when using the laser engraving machine, avoid looking directly at the laser light. When purchasing the product, pay attention to whether it is equipped with protective goggles; at the same time, whether there is a protective function when the engraving machine is displaced, the computer crashes, or is not working for a long time. Machine; Special attention must be paid to prevent children from operating the machine alone to prevent unnecessary injury;
    5) Engraving size: Know the size of the product you want to process: choose the appropriate laser engraving machine according to the actual size of the product you want to engrave, that is, the choice of laser engraving machine engraving size, for example, the product you want to engrave The size is: 130mm*90mm, then you can choose the model with the engraving size: 150mm*160mm, but it is not necessarily good for the machine format to be large, because the large format equipment is of course more expensive, and some machines of poor quality The average laser output of each point of the equipment on the large format is unstable, resulting in different depths of engraved products on the same table, so it is correct to choose the most appropriate engraving size.