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Name:Portable Electric Sewing Machine
Material: metal
Application industry: chemical industry, clothing, chemical, home textile, machinery, etc.
Thread specifications:2 x 3 ply vinylon yarn of 21-count
Sewing speed:1800-2600 needle / min
Rotating speed:18000-22000 r/m
Maximum thickness: 4mm
Output power: 190W
Size:approx. 26x25.5cm

·High strength, good toughness, strong resistance to pressure,the panel is not easy to deformation
·With good resistance to pressure, convenient body·Handle grindingprocessing, increase the grip, not easy to fall

Package include:
1x portable electric sewing machine
1x adapter  We will deliver the adapter according to the receiving country.
1x synchronous belt
1x handle
3x hexagon handle
3x accessories
1 set x needle


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