2 Pieces Of Vegetable Peeler For Kitchen, Potato Peeler


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Y-shaped Peeler has a swivel blade and has built in potato eye remover, it excelled at peeling just about every type of fruit or vegetable. 

It’s able to peel fruit and vegetables with thinner skins, and it does not require rotation of the wrist so 

it’s easier to use if you experience pain or reduced strength in the wrist. 


More feature you will love it:

- The swivel design is easier to use and feels more natural;

- Friendly to left-handed users;

- The durable and sharp carbon steel blade will never be corroded by food;

- Zinc alloy body, the best material for a peeler ever, as it’s durable, hygienic, and with the non-slip handle;

- Most effective Y-type peeler, also the most convenient peeling tool. Choose yours today!

  • Multi-Purpose Fruits: Advanced Vegetable & Fruit Peeler, Best For Potato, Apple, Pear,Tomato, Carrot,Cucumber And More. Built-In Potato-Eye Remover.
  • Ergonomic Design: Streamlined Design Makes Peeling Action Smooth, Meanwhile, The Hand (Left Hand) Won'T Feel Uncomfortable, Also Good For Arthritis Hands.
  • Top Grade Material: The Top High-Quality Rust-Free Carbon Steel Blade Which Better Than Stainless Steel, And The Zinc Alloy Body Guaranteed Non-Rust, Durable And Anti-Corrosion,Dishwasher Safe And Easy To Store.
  • Peels Easy And Save Time: Ultra-Sharp Wide Swivel Blade Can Maintain Minimal Resistance When Peeling, And Perfect Fit The Fruit Or Vegetable Skin,Won'T Clog With Peels, Save Both Time And Labor!
  • Grip And Control: The Rubber Part Will Keep The Handle Non-Slip When Your Hands Or Peeler Get Wet. Y Shape Blade Holder Can Stably Control The Peeler So That The Blade Is Stressed Uniformly And Remove The Skin Correctly.


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