Biker Funny Garden Gnome


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Harley Davidson, leather jacket, black boots, chain and sunglasses: this garden gnome isn't afraid of anyone.

The motorcycle is the all-American symbol of freedom and independence. By placing this figurine in your outdoor decoration, you will display loudly that you do not let your actions be dictated by the society. 

With this fearless garden gnome, you can show the passersby which community you belong even when your big shiny bike is away for a ride.

You deserve better than the traditional yard decorations.

This biker is ready to make some noise! All he wants is roam on your lawn all day long. Will you deny him the pleasure?

You have two handy sizes to choose from, depending on where you want to place this garden gnome.? If he stays in place it's only because he wants it, mind you.

  • Size: Small - 8.5''X5''X9'', Big - 5.5"X2.5"X6"
  • Material: High quality resin
  • Hand painted?with care
  • Weatherproof


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