Dish drying rack (expandable size) embedded design 2-layer kitchen large dish drain rack stainless steel storage cabinet organizer


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Length-Adjustable Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack


Outside dimension: 33.5-41(L) x 12.6(W) x 20.5(H) inches

Inside dimension: 32-39.5(L) x 12.6(W) x 20.5 (H) inches

( Note: Manual measurement will inevitably have a margin of error of 0.5in. )


Premium Stainless Steel covered by black baking finish, no rusting, long lasting durability and easy clean.

Package List

Frameworks,1 x Dishes Rack+ 1 x Bowl Rack+ 1 x Fruit & Vegetable Rack+ 1 x Square Basket + 1 x Cutlery Holder +1x Chopping Board Rack+ 1 x Knife Holder + 1x glass holder, 1x Paper Holder + 5 x Hooks


  • Length-Adjustable - Fit most USA kitchen single or Large double sink.
  • Stable Reasons -Unique L shaped base, Suction cups adsorption.
  • Efficient - Save tons of space and time by making it easier to access kitchen supplies.
  • Hooks - Equipped with utility hooks to hang tools of the kitchen.
  • Easily Assembly- Come with steps by steps instructions sheet and installing tools.

About this item

  • 【Notice】In November 2020, we updated our stock from fixed size 33.5"L version to an adjustable size 33.5"-41"L version, it is a product upgrade. Updated Version with strengthened stainless steel and length-adjustable framework to fit most sinks. If you want to read the related reviews, please select the Recent Reviews from the Customer Reviews page!
  • 【Tips Before Purchase】Please carefully measure the size of your sink(IF 32"≤Your Sink Length≤39.5", it would be the best size; If Your Sink Length<32" and refer to some reviews, it is okay to have a try) and faucet (Heigjt≤17") before purchase. Also mind the cabinet above the sink, the height of this rack is 20.5inch, so make sure there is another 15 or 20inch away from the upper cabinet to place the dishes.
  • 【Dimensions】33.5" - 41''L x 12.5"W x 20.5"H (Inside dimension: 32''- 39.5''L x 12.5"W x 20.5"H). The length of your sink should be 32"≤Sink Size≤39.5" and the height of the faucet should be ≤ 17".
  • 【Material】SUS304 Stainless steel covered by black baking finish ensures no rusting, long lasting durability and easy clean.
  • 【Package】Framework, 1 bowl rack, 1 knife holder, 1 fuit & vegetable rack, 1 chopping board rack which could be pot cover holder, 1 dishes rack,1 cutlery holder, 1 glass holder, 1 paper holder, 1 square basket and 5 hooks. All these parts are adjustable and removable thus you can DIY them to your preferences.

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