Drilling Tool; One-Stop Outdoor Drip Irrigation Pipe Drilling Tool

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Barb Insertion Tool is a heavy-duty device used in drip irrigation to insert a wide range of 1/4 in. barbed connectors into 1/4 in. micro tubing. The Barb Insertion Tool features an easy to hold handle with a large gripper to hold the micro tubing. To use, insert the barb into the holder chamber, grip the micro tubing and squeeze the handle to firmly insert the barb into the micro tubing.

  • EASY GRIP: Handle constructed of durable plastic and non-corrosive materials
  • One Stop Outdoor Universal Drip Irrigation Tubing Hole Punch Tool - for Easier 1/4" Inch Fitting & Emitter Insertion
  • USE: Used to puncture holes when installing drippers and micro sprinklers in polyethylene tubing
  • Punches the perfect size hole to attach fittings and couplers
  • Easy to use. Just insert tubing and gently squeeze the punch until it is punctured.

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