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*Stainless steel material, durable, no deformation.
*Accurate open die opening, cut more accurately.
*Glass bottles, porcelain bottles, vitrified porcelain bottles can be cut.
*Environmentally-friendly bottles cutters make recycling bottles more valuable
*Have better cutting control, taking less pressure to make a good score.
*3-10mm size cutting, manual screws to adjust the size at will.
*Cutting anti-cutting edge, to prevent cutting hands when cutting.

Name: Bottle Cutter Machine
Material: Stainless steel, Alloy
Size: approx.305mm x 120mm x 25mm/12'' x 4.72'' x 0.98''
Cutter thickness: 3-10mm
Application: Smooth round glass bottle, porcelain bottle,Glass porcelain bottle

Principle: use thermal expansion and contraction to split the glass.
1. Turn the wine bottle around on the cutting table and draw the seal. (Note: only one circle, don't repeat the line)
2. Two rubber rings on both sides of the line. (Note: about 1cm apart)
3. Water the water first (about 30 seconds), then quickly water the cold water. (Note: try not to pour boiling water outside the rubber ring).
4. Open the bottle with your hand. (If you can drop it, please pay attention to safety. If you can't open it, please repeat step 3)
Packing Included:
1 x Glass Bottle Cutter Machine Kit (Unassembled)

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