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LAOA  tools, worth to trust
SK5 quick folded saw
Trihedral drinding sawteeth
Brand: LAOA                                Product name: SK5 quick folded 250mm
Model: LA145250                         Material: SK5
Blade length: 250mm                  Weight: 0.31kg
Origin: Taiwan, China
Feature:   LAOA folded saw, use SK5 saw blade, trihedral grinding sawteeth
introduced technology byJapan. Teeth tip deal with high-frequency
quenching. To highly improve durable ability, sharplong time. Sharper
than others. The handle is anti-skid designed, comfortable handing
andsuitfor long time work.
Trihedral grinding1.Trihedral grinding sawteeth
sawteeth blade2.High-frequent quenching
rididity about 60-62degree.
Sharp wear resisting durable
3.SK5 alloy steel
Made by SK5, material for blade
Double color anti-skid handle
The handle use double color wrapped anti-skid design.
Comfortable handing, not skid.
Safety lock
1.LAOA LOGO2.Folded saw3.10 inch
4.Model5.SK5 material
PRUNING GARDENING                                 ARBORIST                                           CAMPING



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