Twotrees Laser Engraver TT-5.5S Compact Desktop Laser Wood Engraver & Laser Cutter for Home and Office


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  • Twotrees TT-5.5S is one desktop home laser engraver & laser cutter all in one machine.
  • It’s compact size but much higher performance to meet demands for professional projects.
  • Laser engraving machine with 35W-40W Output
  • LD+FAC beam for fast engraving speed & high precision
  • Laser engraving & cutting work for stainless steel, wood leather, alumina, steel, etc.

Laser Engraver TT-5.5S Compact Desktop Laser Wood Engraver & Laser Cutter for Home and Office

Though TT-5.5S is one desktop laser engraver, its high-intensity laser, and compressed beam spot work together to ensure users get fast and better engraving or cutting results.

  • The laser engraving machine is designed with an adjustable Z-axis module which makes it much easier and safer to adjust laser printing distance and get the ideal laser focus for printing.
  • Different laser modules are also available. Users could easily replace the laser module to obtain different laser power for different DIY projects.
  • Its motherboard is with extra pins for independent development and DIY purpose. It provides much more possibilities for users to play around with different projects.
  • The X-axis tensioner makes it convenient to adjust the belt and print smoothly.
  • Positioning at a right angle to assist in the alignment of engraved objects
  • The compact laser printer is fairly easy to assemble. Its mainframe is structured with a well-finished CNC machined aluminum and acrylic body. 

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Laser EngraverFeatures

TT-5.5S Desktop Laser Engraver Specification
TT-5.5S Desktop Laser Engraver Specification

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