Little Godzilla Funny Garden Gnome


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Little Godzilla, the other one's little brother! Back to terrorize your garden and the gnomes living in it!

It's look is less dramatic than the original Godzilla, you might even think it's quite inoffensive if it wasn't so dangerous to the garden gnomes of this world. But hey, a touch of derision in your decoration can't hurt.

We are used to seeing garden gnomes in advantageous positions and even with magical attributes that can even give them a supernatural status. Let's admit that it can be very funny to see the opposite, especially when it involves another pop culture icon.

A terrifying monster from the bottom of the ocean...? coming, especially for garden gnomes!

If you're a garden gnome enthusiast, don't take it personally, it's just sometimes hilarious to take a popular figure and put it in a completely unexpected context. Little Godzilla inspires more sympathy than fear, I think you'll agree.

During its manufacture, it was faithfully reproduced to make a beautiful little monster. Hand-painted and coated with a protective UV coating, Little Godzilla will remain a fun predator no matter what the weather or decorative situation you have installed him in.

  • Size: 9.5 "X5"
  • Material: High-quality resin
  • Hand painted with care
  • Weatherproof

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