Retractable Hook for Garden Baskets, Pots & Birds Feeder


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🧚‍♂Our retractable hook brings your home a comfortable view

    by hanging bonsais, and birds feeders🌷🌷🌷🐦🐦🐦


  • Sturdy and Durable: The hook and nylon rope is strong enough to hold a 15kg (Maxium) plant or flower basket, no worry about the fastness, the plants or flower baskets will be safe with the adjustable ornament plant hanger holders.
  • Retractable Pully Plant Hanger: There is a durable hanging strap inside, the maxium extension length could be up to 35inchs (90cm). You can raise or lower the plant very quickly and lock any position you want with this pull down hanger. It makes watering and feeding much easier and more convenient, no need to climb ladders any more.
  • Easy to Use: Pull down the rope vertically to the ground on desired height, if it has not block, do not immediately let go and then pull about 1-3cm with a slower speed to block it.
  • Suit For: Hanging plant pulley is designed for holding decorative hanging plants, flower basket, pots, birdcage It can be used in the garden, eaves, home, porch, balcony but not suitable for windy outdoor. 
  • Note:
  • 1. Load capacity from 1kg to 15kg, please don’t hang things that are less than 1kg or things that are too heavy because the plant hanger is linked up with a internal spring with flexibility.
  • 2. The plant hanging holder is mainly designed for indoor hanging, it is not suitable for windy outdoor.


  • Maxium Extension Length:35inchs ( 90cm)
  • Load Capacity: 1kg - 15kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Rope: High-strength PET nylon rope


  • 1 * Hook or 2 * Hooks according to your choice

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