Soil acidity meter, three-in-one soil moisture meter


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  • ❥❥ 3 In 1 Function: Test soil moisture, pH value and sunlight level of plant help you know the soil condition of your garden. You can know whether you need to water soil, amend pH levels or adjust lighting.
  • ❥❥ Indoor Outdoor Soil Tester: Lightweight and portable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, ideal soil test tool kit for home, garden, lawn and farm, help you become an excellent garden master.
  • ❥❥ Extremely Accurate Readings: Premium double-needle detection technology enhances the accuracy of detecting and analyzing soil moisture and pH acidity. The large display makes reading clearer and more convenient.
  • ❥❥ Easy to use: Just stick the probe into the soil about 2-4 inches, adjust the position of the probe until the pointer on the dial swing slightly and wait about 10 minutes for a much more accurate and stable reading.
  • ❥❥ Important Tips: Do not force it into very hard soil or touch hard objects since the probe would be easily damaged. Do not use it to test pure water or other liquids. It can only be used to measure soil.

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