Digital Bluetooth Mini illuminance Meter Photometer Tester


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Product Description

UT383 BT can effectively represent light intensity with electrical signals, then process data and display measuring results on LCD. Bluetooth function is added for data transfer and analysis on mobile App, iENV. It can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store.
Functions Range Resolution Accuracy
Illuminance 0~9999 Lux 1 Lux ±(4%+8)
≥10000 Lux  10 Lux ±(5%+10)
≥100000 Lux 100 Lux ±(5%+10)
Measurement range 0~199,999 Lux; 0~19,999 Fc
Sample rate     2/s
Overload indication     OL
MAX/MIN     Yes
Data hold     Yes
LCD backlight     Yes
Auto power off     5 minutes
Low battery indication     3.0~3.5V
Full battery duration >12hrs with Bluetooth function on
Working    environment 0~40° C (≤80%RH)
40~50° C (≤45%RH)
Storage environment -20~60° C (≤75%RH)
General Characteristics
Battery 3 x 1.5V(AAA) (Not included)
Product size 163mm x 55mm x 28mm
Product weight 118g
Main Features:
1. Light weight, user friendly interface.
2. Voltage stability control technology, low power consumption.
3. Light source calibration to increase accuracy and consistency.
Packing Included:
1 x UT383BT Light Meter
1 x English manual

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