Wireless Remote Control Bike Riding Light


Color: Black
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Wireless remote control version of the bicycle turn signal for your night ride!


  • High quality material: Made of high quality material, life waterproof, ensure daily use. Multiple modes, wireless remote control, remote control to change direction at any time. Greatly enhance the safety factor of night walking.
  • Easy to use: With remote control, multiple light source gears, turn on the main switch and the indicator light comes on. Left and right switch, flashing left turn signal. Right switch, flashing right turn signal. Turn on the LED first gear, red light is always on. Turn on LED second gear, red and blue burst flashing. Press the left and right buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds to trigger the double jump function.
  • USB charging method: Using USB direct charging, diversified charging methods, you can charge anytime and anywhere. Built-in polymer lithium battery, 500 mA capacity, safe and stable.


  • Brightness: red light 10-15LM
  • Colour: main light red, left and right turn signal yellow
  • Battery: 500mA
  • Life span: 30000h
  • Endurance: 4-5 hours
  • Gear: Main light: constant - slow flashing Turn signal


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