Woodworking wood craft hand tool with 4 PCS planer blades


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Size: 9”* 1 3/4;
Blade hardness: 58-60HRC;
blades:tough 44mm carbon steel blades
Material: High grade metal and steel, brass;
Main Color: Black, Red

Perfect for Wood Craft, Wood Craver, Wood Working Adjustable cutters ideal for shaping the chair legs & seats,curved templates and many other kinds of curved work.

Blade selection SK2 material and the whole after heat treatment, knife-edge with a long wear resistance. The overall product heat treatment, high hardness and toughness, longer service life.

Comfortable contoured handles,planing the use of iron casting surface spray, streamlined design overall beautiful, easy operation.

1.Blade sharp, Do not touch.please place in children not reach the place.
2. After use to wipe clean, and coated with anti-rust oil after storage.

Package included:
1 Pcs Adjustable Spokeshave + 4 PCS Planer Blade

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