X-BULL 12V waterproof Steel Cable Electric Winch 12000 lb Load Capacity for Truck UTV, ATU,SUV, Car with Corded Control


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  • 26 Meters Steel Cable: 12V steel cable winch 12000 lbs consists of the 26 meters steel cable to ensure the whole process operate, it has strong pulling force and is quite suitable for various types of off-road vehicles · Powerful motor:
  • There is a Power in & Power out motor for Positive load control, the powerful current can not only support the operation of the motor smoothly, and operate within its rated current without any current impact, but also ensure the winch safety and your safety at all times.
  • Safety guarantee: X-BULL will offer the highest satisfaction guarantee and efficient, timely and friendly customer service. In addition, we will provide lifetime technical support and quality assurance services
  • Exquisite design: For this which, the whole body is in high quality steel construction, a free spooling clutch is built into the winch to help the wire rope run quickly. It has strong mud,sand resistance resistance and water resistance, so you don’t have to worry about driving in rainy or muddy ground, thus to ensure you have a safe and excellent journey!
  • Remote Wireless Control: The product comes with a high-precision mini digital wireless remote control, It will not be restricted by terrain and weather which is very easy to use. In order to better achieve remote wireless control, we will provide a wireless remote control and a one-handed controller so that you can use this which smoothly!

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