ZONESTAR Z5X Series Large High Precision Resolution Ultra Silent Easy Install Optional Dual Extrusion Auto Mix Color 3D Printer


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*About  2-IN-1-OUT and 2-IN-2-OUT

2-IN-2-OUT(Z5XR2): The printer has 2 extrusion feeders and 2 nozzle. It can use one nozzle to print the main object and another nozzle to print support filament, for exmple, the main extruder to print PLA and another nozzle to print PVA. Of couse, you can use it to print two color PLA or (ABS) filament, etc.

2-IN-1-OUT(Z5XM2): The printer has 2 extrusion feeders and 1 nozzle. The filament will be mixed in the hotend and then flow out from one nozzle, you can use it to mix two colors filament together and become a new color, usually we suggest you use only one type filament in the same time. With ZONESTAR's patented technology, you can easily set the mixed ratio of two filaments on the control panel when printing from SD card, and even let the machine automatically adjust the mixed ratio to become a multi-color object.

tem Characteristics

Full Metal structure: All of the structural parts are made by metal, it is strong and durable, accuracy is better after long period used. 

LCD Screen: This item is equipped with a classic 128 x 64 dots LCD screen, it can display more information at the same time.

Quiet: High quality wheels and aluminum rails make less noisy.

High Precision: The Z axis drive mechanism is made by metal, it is stronger and cause the higher printing precision. 

Open Source: We adhere to open source strategy(Marlin and Repetier Firmware), you can apply for the source code after purchased. 

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