ZONESTAR 2021 Newest 4 Extruder Multi Color FDM 3D Printer 4.3" TFT-LCD Quickly Installation Ultra Silent Auto Leveling Z9V5 Pro
Features 95% pre-assembled, fast installation(1). Ultra silent, working noise is less than 58db (measured at 50cm away from the machine) . Equip 4 Titan extruders and 4-IN-1-OUT hotend, ability to print 1 ~8 colors 3D prints. Power loss automatically recovery feature. Bed...
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ZONESTAR Z8T Large High Precision Resolution Super Quiet Easy To Install 3 In 1 Out Extrusion Automatic Color Mixing 3D Printer
Feature 1. Multi-color printing, built-in automatic color mixing engine, one-button to convert monochrome 3D model to multicolor model. 2. Automatically resume printing after power failure. 3. Automatic shutdown after printing. 4. Equiped bed auto leveling sensor to better solve the problem...
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ZONESTAR Z5X Series Large High Precision Resolution Ultra Silent Easy Install Optional Dual Extrusion Auto Mix Color 3D Printer
*About  2-IN-1-OUT and 2-IN-2-OUT 2-IN-2-OUT(Z5XR2): The printer has 2 extrusion feeders and 2 nozzle. It can use one nozzle to print the main object and another nozzle to print support filament, for exmple, the main extruder to print PLA and another nozzle to...
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