ZONESTAR 2021 Newest 4 Extruder Multi Color FDM 3D Printer 4.3" TFT-LCD Quickly Installation Ultra Silent Auto Leveling Z9V5 Pro


Size: Z9V5 Pro
Plug: EU Plug
Ships From: Russia
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  • 95% pre-assembled, fast installation(1).

  • Ultra silent, working noise is less than 58db (measured at 50cm away from the machine) .

  • Equip 4 Titan extruders and 4-IN-1-OUT hotend, ability to print 1 ~8 colors 3D prints.

  • Power loss automatically recovery feature.

  • Bed auto leveling feature.

  • Filament run out detect feature.

  • Auto power off after printed and auto shutdown without operation.

  • Proprietary Cura multi-color printing plug-in, realize to print multi color 3d prints by the mixing color hotend.

  • Built-in automatic color mixing engine, one-button to realize gradient and random mixing printing.

  • Mutil language menu, one button to switch in 6 languages (RU/EN/ES/PT/FR)(2).

  • Equipped with high performance 32-bit control board.

  • Open source firmware.


1: The installation time for our own test is less than 2 hours.

2: Z9V5 need to upload firmware to swich to different language.

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