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2-in-1 3D Printer & Laser Engraver

Hydra, as the monster of mythology, also represents invincibility. If we cut off its head 2 other women will grow in its place. We did the same with the laser head. If you're looking to get into laser engraving as well as 3D printing, this is a great Choice for you. With 2 swappable modular heads, you can easily switch from 3D printing to laser engraving.

Swappable Modular Design

Turning your 3D printer to a laser engraver has never been so easier and seamless with Hydra's swappable modular design.

Hydra 3D Laser Printer integrates the functions of 3d printing and laser engraving. You can use it to print almost anything for your creations. It can carve MDF, balsa, paper, wood, fabric, plastic, leather, plywood, foam paper, anodized aluminum, etc.

Auto Leveling

Thanks to the 3Dtouch probe, the Hydra can use the Mesh Bed Leveling process to compensate for microscopic imperfections of the print sheet, and inconsistencies caused by the assembly and stacking of the manufacturing tolerances of various parts. Achieving a great-looking first layer becomes quick and easy.

Filament Runout Detection

Filament runout sensor can detect whether the filament is run out during the printing process. It will send signal to the printer when filament is run out and printer will stop printing. Printing will resume automatically when the new filament is loaded. With this, you won’t have to worry, especially with long prints, that your filament will run out and cause any problems.

Silent Operation

Equipped with upgraded TMC2209/2226 ultra-mute stepper motor drive chip which offers silent motors and no end-stop switches, opening the doors to printer pcbs with installed drivers and no heatsinks or jumpers. Or cooler running for step-stick retrofits.

Large Build Volume

Featuring a 305*305*400mm build volume, Hydra allows you to print large and complex model, meeting more of your printing requirements.

Color LCD Screen

Configure your 3D printer quickly and easily, and get sliced model previews before you start printing! Every option is simply a few clicks away thanks to the 2.8", 240320 LCD screen with 65.000 colors.