DERSECO-1.75mm PLA 3D Printer Filament


Color: WHITE
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Main Features:
● The printer filament will provide you with excellent printing results: the excellent glossy surface treatment effect is absolutely amazing.
● Easy printing, no clogging, natural materials, non-toxic: diameter tolerance as low as 0.02mm, which can ensure stable printing results and a high success rate. 100% made of pure natural materials, environmentally friendly, harmless to users and the environment. Ideal for indoor printing.
● Vacuum sealed professional packaging: strictly abide by the factory inspection standards, ensure 100% new material sealing, and ensure the stability of the packaging.
● High compatibility: This Silk Shiny PLA filament 1.75mm was developed using a variety of printers and printer pens of different brands to test its compatibility. Please buy with confidence. For example: Prusa, Makerbot, etc.
● Recommended printing temperature: 195-230 degrees. C, lower nozzle temperature will provide better gloss.


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