Laser Engraving Machine Tool Color Paper To Color Miniature Glass Stone Material Crystal Jade Accessories


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Laser engraving machine tool color paper to color miniature glass stone material crystal jade Accessories

Product name: Carved colored paper

12 Colors:  Black/Brown/Sky blue/Navy/Dark green/White/Violet blue/Gray/Blue Grey/Light green/Silver/Gold
Size:  39x27CM

Suitable for laser marking machine types:

CO2 laser marking machine

Optical fiber laser marking machine

Semi-conductor laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine


Suitable for material:

Ceramic (such as toilet, cup dish) plexi glass

Crystal, jade artificial stone, plastic

Non metallic products such as epoxy acrylic

Colored paper engraving method

Ceramic, glass, stone carving methods

1. Cut the colored paper to a size slightly larger than the engraved picture, and soak it in water for about three minutes.

2. Paste the white side of the color layer on the sculpt (the effect will not be good if it is reversed).

Wrinkle, dry the surface after applying, dry for a few minutes, or dry with a hair dryer

3. When the carving is completely dry, sculpt, soak the sculpt in water for five minutes, and tear off the colored paper!


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