JGMAKER Large 3D Printer Artist-D Pro IDEX Dual Extruder 3D Printer


  • Large Build Volume: Ultra-large forming volume allows you to print single model up to 300*300*340mm, or two of the same/mirrored model at the same time up to 111*300*340mm by utilizing its "duplicate" or "mirror" mode.
  • Ultra-Silent Motor Driver: Come with TMC2209 ultra-silent driver, as well as 32-bit motherboard, Artist-D Pro delivers silence-oriented upgrades, ensures smoother movement under a quiet environment.
  • Quick Nozzle Replacement: Featuring an Extruder module with an innovative one-button "Nozzle Ejectable" system, easy to swap nozzles, or quickly replace the nozzle in the event of a clog.
  • Branded Power Supply: Brand power supply, more trustworthy with better quality and service, ensure stability and safety for operation.

Product Description

JGMAKER Large 3d printer Artist-D Pro Dual Extruder Independent Meanwell Power Supply Optical Endstop TMC2209 Direct Drive Extruder

ARTIST-D pro dual extruder 3d printer
jgmaker artist-d pro 3d printer

1,Linear Rail: Equipped with industrial-grade linear rail—to deliver smoother performance with less friction and higher precision.

2,Dual Z-axis Design: Two Z-axis screws and stepper motors drive the vertical axis of the Artist D Pro greatly improves accuracy and precision up to 0.001mm, to make this a truly professional printer.

3,Dual Clean Brush: Dual clean brush can be adjusted to prevent the inactive nozzle from dripping material on the print.

4,Thermal Runaway Protection: This function ensures the printer shuts down its heating parts when temperature is out of control. This helps prevent a catastrophic fire hazard to your machine.

5,Flexible Magnetic platform: Featuring with a flexible magnetic suction matt paste which adds convenience and stability to the printer’s operation while still being easy to remove from the model’s platform.

ARTIST-D PR artist-d artist-d pro 3d printer artist-d pro 3d printer
Artist-D Pro Large 3d printer kit Artist-D Large 3d printer kit Magic 3d printer A5S large 3d printer
Extruder quantity 2 2 1 1
Print volume 300x300x340mm (11.8x11.8x13.3in) 300x300x340mm (11.8x11.8x13.3in) 220x220x250mm (8.6x8.6x9.8in) 305x305x320mm (12x12x12.5in)
Color touch screen X X
Resume print X
Filament run out detection
Filament clean brush X X
Magnetic platform X X
Compatible filament ABS/PLA/Flexible 1.75mm ABS/PLA/Flexible 1.75mm ABS/PLA 1.75mm ABS/PLA 1.75mm
Meanwell power supply X X X
Optical Endstop X X X
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JGMAKER Large 3D Printer Artist-D Pro IDEX Dual Extruder 3D Printer
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